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Chance Beauty EMS Skin Lifting Massager CB-R7

Product ID: CB-R7
Product Name: Anti-Wrinkle Skin Lifting Massager
Product Features:
-Ultrasonic vibration
-Red/blue light skin care function
-Constant temperature
-EMS lifting and tightening




1000K~2000KHz Dynamic Frequency Conversion RF

Break the limitation of single frequency, quickly heat the dermis, activate collagen, make the skin full and elastic, and weaken wrinkle. Firm muscle structure, rising profile

Frequency Conversion RF Beauty Equipment

The color of the machine changes gradually and has personality. Household elevator, red and blue light care EMS beauty conditioning, export import adjustment

Sagging, static wrinkles / deep lines, equal depth aging

Improve sagging, fade wrinkles / deep lines, exercise apple muscle dimension, improve dull

The full face lifting, tightening and wrinkle reducing machine is multi-purpose, and a full set of spa can comprehensively improve the skin quality. The matching form can be adjusted appropriately according to the seasonal change. The matching method varies according to people's physique, skin condition and other factors, and can be adjusted according to the specific situation




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