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Solution for wrinkle, ance, sensitive skin problem

To maintain young skin, in addition to adhering to the use of skin care products daily, a secret weapon is also required, that is, the face beauty massage instrument.


Principle of our EMS beauty instruments

-Positive and negative ions: Use the principle of positive and negative ion heterosexuality, export deep pores dirt through biological current, completely deep clean, and infiltrate the bottom of the muscle bottom through the ions.

-Vibration: The method of vibration and voltage stimulation makes human skin tighten, increases its own elasticity, and enhances the metabolism of skin cells.

-Warm: warm massage promote absorption, stretch the skin texture.

-Pulse light: deep into dermis layer, promote collagen and elastic protein proliferation, reduce wrinkles, activate skin, tighten loose skin, restore the skin youthful vitality.


Preparation before use

-Cle the face before use, clean the makeup removal, keep the eye around the eyes, there is no water around the lip, remove the face of the face and neck on the face.

-Ple the stains such as clean cotton pads or rags to clean the dust and other stains on the machine, and keep the machine dry and clean.

-Cap the corresponding mode according to your own needs.

Steps for usage

-Red light mode

Wrinkles usually will appear on the four parts of the face, including corners of the eyes, decree patterns, crow's feet, and headprint. Apply skin care products such as essence evenly on the face, adjust the machine as a red light mode, fixed -point irradiation in these four places that are prone to wrinkles, no need to press vigorously, and no need to move the instrument. Each area can be applied for 3 minutes.

-Blue light mode

Apply skin care products on the face, adjust the machine into a blue light mode. Circle massage the area with balckhead, acne and large pores. Full face massage for 5-8 minutes.

-Import and export mode

Apply the essence evenly on the face, adjust the machine to the import and export mode, and push from the bottom to the bottom of the face. Full face massage for 8 minutes.

-EMS mode

Apply aloe vera gel or gel on the face, adjust the machine into EMS mode. It is recommended to use low gears at first. After skin adaptation, you can slowly adjust the gear upwards, massage from the bottom of the face outline, massage the entire face in order.


Precautions for the use of beauty instruments

-When using the instrument, the probe of the machine must not be close to the eyes.

-Pregnant women, children under 15 years of age, patients with severe skin diseases, fragile skin, and sensitive skin, those people are not recommended to use beauty instruments.

-Use tissues or towels to wipe the contact surface, prohibit water washing, and prohibit contact with metal objects.

-In order to avoid leakage, burns, fire or damage, please do not put the beauty instrument into the water, When the machine fails, stop using immediately.

-The beauty instrument has the effect of photon import, and when the beauty instrument passes through the eyes, close the eyes to operate, Prevent the eye skin from being too thin and cause light to hurt the eyes.

-Acne skin and sensitive skin are not recommended to use beauty instruments every day, can be used once a week.

-Water and oil cannot penetrate the inside of the machine. Can not hit, knock, and fall to prevent the machine from being damaged.

-Wipe clean and disconnect the power in time when not in use.

-When it is not used for a long time for more than seven days,  the machine and charging cable need to be separated. It must be guaranteed in the state of power off.

-Don't use it all the time until the battery is completely out of power, it is recommended to charge it at any time and then use it.

-Before abandon the machine, the battery must be removed from the machine. When removing the battery, the machine must be powered off.

-The battery should be handled safely. into the unavailable trash can, please do not throw it up to avoid cause environmental pollution

-Do not use it near flammable and explosive (including sprayer and gas stations), it is easy to cause danger of fire and electric shock injury

-It is forbidden to modify the machine, which may lead to danger.

-Prevent the beauty instrument from being exposed to the sun or under ultraviolet light for a long time, prevent serious damage to the machine.



-Wipe with a dry cloth after turning off the power.

-Don't clean the machine with water, it will cause machine


-Clean the cotton fixed ring, when it has dirt.

-Do not wipe the fuselage with a corrosive solution, nailoil or alcohol which may cause the beauty machines failure or the accessories to crack, change color, etc.

-Wipe clean and place it in a proper place.



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