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Update Your Skincare Routine

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Let's talk about the steps of skin care. Although this matter is very basic, but there are still many girls who come to ask me from time to time

"Do I still need to use cream after using lotion?"

"Milk first, then water, or water first, then milk?"

"Which step should I use the eye cream?"

"Sun protection first or isolation first?"

"Which beauty devices and what functions do I need to use in this step?"


There will be small changes in the skin care process in different seasons

More importantly, our skin types are different, so everyone's skin care routine is also different.

But many sisters have a misunderstanding, thinking that "the more complete the skin care process, the better".

In order to deeply hydrate and moisturize, there is no shortage of water, milk essence and face cream. I don’t feel at ease if I don’t apply a mask at night. I have to paste my face airtightly to have a ritual sense of skin care.

But in fact, we don't have to complete a whole set of skin care procedures.

Some steps are necessary for everyone, while some steps are chosen according to skin type.

Let's take a look at what each step needs to do in detail.

Step 1 : Cleansing 

Cleaning is a very important step.

There will not be much difference in order, but pay attention to minimize damage to the skin barrier while cleaning

Do I have to clean my face after using makeup remover? 

Not necessarily.

Cleansing oil and cleansing cream have strong cleaning power, and when fully emulsified, it can not only take away heavy makeup, but also rarely leave oil on the face.

If you have sensitive skin/thin stratum corneum, and it is relatively clean and oil-free after removing makeup, you just need to wash it again with clean water, there is no need to use cleansing.

For girls with oily skin/skin tolerance, if you still feel oily after removing makeup,

Can be quickly rewashed with a mild cleanser.

The sebaceous glands of oily skin are exuberant, so regular deep cleansing is still necessary.

You can apply a cleansing mask 1-2 times a week. Dry skin can be determined according to your skin condition. It should not exceed 1 time a week. Do not use it during the sensitive period.

I often hear people say that we need to exfoliate 1-2 times a week to avoid the accumulation of old dead skin cells.

But in fact, under normal circumstances, the old waste keratin itself will fall off naturally. Only when the metabolism slows down and the keratin cannot fall off normally, exfoliating products are needed.

In this case, it is particularly important to choose a professional exfoliation tool. Under the premise of protecting the skin, it is necessary to effectively clean the cuticle dirt of the skin. An excellent tool to refresh your skin and achieve a microdermabrasion effect.

Microdermabrasion and Lighten Pigmentation

----FACIAL DERMA Sonic Dermaplanning and Microdermabrasion Tool CB-BV18705


Step 2: Hydrating

The moisturizing process is the most controversial, because everyone's skin is different and suitable products are also different.

You may not need some products at all. The lotion we use every day is strictly dispensable. Its moisturizing effect is not much different from that of tap water, and the moisturizing effect is left to the lotion and cream. In terms of its real effect, it is probably a subtle good skin feeling. For example, the emollient added in the lotion can make the tense face soft and tender, and the alcohol in it can make the pores tighten and tighten. But these moments of happiness are often short-lived. As for moisturizing, whitening, acne and other effects are minimal. So even if you use the essence/lotion/cream directly after washing your face without lotion, the effect will not make any difference. If you feel like a step is missing without using it, then use it ~ It's up to you.

Before using skin care products, we need to soothe our tight skin and let the skin reach a relaxed state. At this time,  face steamer acts as a masseur for your skin. The hot and cold direct spray design allows the skin to replenish moisture in time after cleansing. After the hydration is completed, the cold steam mode can be used to shrink the pores, helping the subsequent use of skin care products to be better absorbed by the skin.

Skin deep moisturizing assistant---Facial Steamer

face sprayer.jpg

Essence is equivalent to skin nutrition, which is the "most useful" step in the whole skin care process. I have refuted the rumor that "girls can only use essence until they are 25 years old". Whether to use essence has nothing to do with age, but with your skin. quality requirements. According to the function, the essence can be divided into moisturizing essence, whitening essence, anti-wrinkle firming essence, acne essence, etc. There is also a special essence-the muscle base liquid, which has a certain exfoliating effect and can promote the absorption of subsequent skin care products .

In terms of usage, the most frequently asked question is "How to stack the essence?"

The muscle base can be superimposed with any essence, and the basic moisturizing essence can also be superimposed with other functional essences.

For example, you can use muscle base + anti-wrinkle essence

Moisturizing Essence + Whitening Essence

The order of superimposition is: basic type → functional type, but functional essence should not be superimposed easily, because the ingredients may affect each other, if you are not an advanced skin care player, don't take this risk!

After moisturizing the skin, without a layer of "occlusive product" to lock in the water, the skin will quickly return to its original state. Oily skin secretes enough oil to prevent moisture from evaporating. In summer, it is not necessary to use cream products to moisturize. In winter, you can use lotion or refreshing cream according to your oil production. For oily skin, some essences containing moisturizing ingredients can even replace lotion. For dry skin, moisturizing is even more important. In autumn and winter, it is better to choose a cream with strong sealing effect than lotion. There is no need to use the two together. If it is not moisturizing enough, just replace it with a more moisturizing cream.

I still feel that it is not enough, adding a layer of skin care oil can also be used, but with skin care oil, the moisturizing essence can be omitted.

Using the cream with the scraping board, the heating and frequency-changing vibration functions make the skin reach an extremely relaxed state and help the cream to be better absorbed by the skin. At the same time, massage promotes blood circulation on the face, promotes metabolism, and refreshes the skin.

Skin Lifting Facial Toning Device--Gua Sha

skin lifting massager.jpg

Whether to use eye cream is a very controversial issue. Some people think that eye cream has its own special effect, and some people think that face cream can replace eye cream. Yes, there is almost no difference in the ingredient formula between eye cream and face cream. The biggest difference between them is that the oil content of eye cream is generally higher than that of face cream, so these three situations generally require eye cream. The first one is that your face is not very dry and you don't like to use greasy creams, but your eye area is relatively dry. The second is that your skin is super dry, and after using moisturizing creams, the eye area is still very dry. The third is that your face is not a big problem, and you only use basic moisturizing creams, but you have obvious eye problems, such as heavy dark circles, small dry lines, etc., then you can use functional eye creams.

In order to allow the skin to absorb nutrients better, the eye lifting massager with EMS and RF functions can also achieve eye skin tightening effect.

As for the order of eye cream, it can be placed before and after the essence, or behind the face cream.

Just follow the order from light and thin → heavy.

Step 3: Sun Protection

Sunscreen itself is anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and whitening, and it is something that must be adhered to throughout the year. The most tangled thing about sun protection should be: "Who comes first between sun protection and isolation?"

Sunscreen is the last step in daytime skin care, and isolation is the first step in makeup, so sunscreen must be used first and then isolation. Although some barriers have sun protection value, they are still not a substitute for sunscreen. The choice of sunscreen products should also be based on skin quality and needs. Physical sunscreens do not irritate the skin and are more suitable for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and other groups with fragile skin. Although the risk of chemical sunscreen is higher, the advantage is that it is light and non-whitening, and it is more suitable for use before makeup.


The general process of skin care is like this, remember these words,

"From water to oil, from thin to thick"

In this order, there won't be much problem.

(Except for some products that indicate usage, such as Japanese skin care products, milk is often used first and then water)

Strictly speaking, many steps in skin care are dispensable. During the season change or when the skin is unstable, we can let the skin rest for a period of time and try to streamline the skin care process.

We systematically explained the steps of skin care. In general, you need to clearly understand your skin condition, skin quality, and what problems exist, and take targeted care. Skin care is not something that can be achieved immediately, you need to find the right method and stick to it persistently. There is an old saying: women are the ones who please themselves. A good mood every day starts from the moment you treat your skin well, and the tiredness of the day ends from the moment you go to bed beautifully after skin care. What a delicate life that is. There are no ugly girls, only lazy ones. Girls, please stick to being a beautiful self.



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