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Chance Beauty Face Steamer CS-Z19

Item number:CS-Z19
Voltage: hot spray steamer
Power: 280W
Temperature: about 40~50ºC
Steam release rate: about 6ml/min
Working time: 15 min
Rated voltage: 220V
Product size: 14.3*9*16cm
Water tank: 150ml


face steamer.jpg

How To Use

+Wash the face before using the steamer

+Keep the face 20cm from the spray port, the hydration time need more than 8 minutes

+Open the pores and the cleansing instrument can remove facial dirt

+Cold towels apply your face to shrink the pores

+After using the face steamer, you can use daily skin care products


+No more than 8 minutes of steaming your face every time

+Use the face sprayer after removing makeup

+Should not use it too often, no more than 3 times a week

+Add distilled water or pure water to reduce scale

+Keep 20cm from the steamer when use it

+Pay attention to the temperature, be careful not to let the steam burn your eyes, skin or respiratory tract

+After the steamed face, wash your face with cold water, and then use shrinking skin care products for the face




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