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Chance Beauty Water Flosser CT-CY8

Product ID: CT-CY8
Product Name: Dental Oral Irrigator
Product Features:
-Gear: 3 levels
-Capacity: 230ml
-Voltage:5V/2A 3W
-Pump current 300mA-420mA
-Pump flow: 230ml/min



One Key Operation Three Patterns

+Weak gear model

Used for cleaning sensitive gums

+Strong gear model

For normal oral cleaning

+Pulse transmission mode

Pulse water massage gums

Long Life, Life at any Time

Built-in high-energy lithium-ion batteries, about 4 hours on a full charge, use about a week or so

360º Clever Nozzle Comprehensive Clean

360º rotating small nozzle, can be more convenient change angles on the teeth, clean easily

230ML Water Tank

Water can meet the demand of a cleaning teeth don't need to add water repeatedly, intimate and convenient

Method Of Use

+Open the water tank, water to the water tank in qing dynasty

+Select the nozzle, water into the handle

+Selecting the appropriate pressure (avoid from low gently started to use)

+Shower nozzle to sink into the oral cavity body tilty

+Turn on the switch start washing teeth




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