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Chance Beauty Water Flosser CT-CY9

Product ID:CT-CY9
Product Name: Portable dental unit
Gear: 3 levels
Capacity: 230ml
Voltage:5V/2A 3W
Pump current 300mA-420mA
Pump flow: 230ml/min


water flosser.jpg

High Frequency Pulse Current

Superfine high pressure pulse water clean everytime, at the same time can also prevent gum atrophy massage gums

New Upgrade Impulse Type

+Strong mode

   Strong water pressure, deep clean mouth quickly

+The standard model

   Standard hydraulic, efficient clean, used in normal oral cavity clean

+The pulse mode

   Gentle stamping experience, used for cleaning sensitive gums

How To Use

+Open the water tank, add water

+Choose the required nozzle, insert the handle of the hole

+Selecting the appropriate pressure

+The shower nozzle to sink into the oral cavity

+Trun on the switch and begin to wash the teeth




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