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Hair Removal Innovation

There are three types of traditional hair removal methods, using depilate cream, shaving knife depilation, going to beauty salon. However, every traditional way of hair removal has their own disadvantages, as shown in the picture below.


Effective hair removal is not completely hairless, but the hair of hair removal area is getting thinner and thinner, and the hair color is getting lighter and lighter until it grows a small fluff. At the same time, it can not affect the sweating function.

Home use IPL hair removal instrument can perfectly give you the same effect in beauty salon. IPL intense pulsed light directly acts on hair follicle melanin, meanwhile the serface temperature increases so that the hair follicles astrophy so as to achieve the effect of clean hair.


Home hair removal machines also use laser technology, but it is gentler than remove hair in beauty salon, do not harm the skin, can be seen after four weeks of use, and there is no rebound.



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