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Chance Beauty EMS Skin Lifting Massager CB-R13

Product ID: CB-R13
Product Name: Anti-Wrinkle Skin Lifting Massager
Product Features:
-Cool/heat modes
-Red/blue light skin care function
-EMS lifting and tightening



Multi Functional Photon Beauty Instrument To Retain Youth And Beauty

6 advantage of the Multi Functional Photon Beauty Instrument

+Four beauties core technology

+International authority safety and quality certification

+IPX4 waterproof grade

+Intelligence sensor chip

+One key control, simple operation

+High capacity battery, long endurance

EMS micro current + red light + blue light act on the skin surface synchronously dermis / muscle base, activate collagen

304 Steel Massage Head, Sensitive Muscles Also Apply

304 stainless steel has stable physical and chemical properties, contact cream. Skin care products are not easy to oxidize, prevent skin allergy and effectively take care of sensitive muscles

Blue Light Cleaning And Repairing

It opened the skin channel and swept away the rubbish from inside out

+High frequency vibration

Vibration cleaning, relax the skin

+Positive ion absorption 

Deep layer absorption, remove the dirt

+Blue light pimple controlling

Balance water and oil, skin care and anti pimple

Skin Care Techniques

Take an appropriate amout of beauty liquid or beauty gel and apply it to the face, neck and other parts that need care. Move slowly according to the direction indicated by the arrow. When using, hold the body tightly and gently press the beauty instrument on the skin

+Cheek operation

Along the cheek, from bottom to top, from inside to outside, light and soft move

+Chin operation

Along the chin, from right to left, from sitting to right, back and forth light soft movement

+T department nursing

Along the alar and bridge of the nose, move up and down to 1-2 minutes is appropriate

+Neck care operation

Along the side face, from bottom to top below the earlobe, to the neck, move your head gently




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