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Chance Beauty Blackhead Remover CBR-X13

Product ID: CBR-X13
Product Name: Blackhead Remover
Product Features:
-LED display
-Three use modes:oil/medium/dry skin
-3 suction heads for replacing
-75ml water tank




Water Cycle

Refuse dry suction and adopt oxygen injection water circulation system. Sucking blackhead / injecting oxygen / replenishing water at the same time blackhead suction is more thorough, gentle and does not hurt the skin

Adsorption Force

Vacuum adsorption blackhead acene comes out as soon as it is absorbed. Using vacuum negative pressure centrifugation technology, the adsorption force reaches directly to the muscle base to pull up blackhead acne

Pore Residue After Hydraulic Cleaning

High water pressure secondary cleaning of residual waste in pores, so that each pore can breathe fresh air

Oxygen and water injection to shrink pores

Micro air bubble water molecules recycle and clean pore garbage, replenish water at the same time, and promote pore shrinkage.

One Is Equal To Five Beauty Instrument

Blackhead instrument / Repair instrument / Cleanser / Inductor / Light grain instrument

Third gear intelligent adjustment

+Low range suction

Suitable for delicate parts

+Mid range suction

Suitable for removing blackheads

+High suction

Suitable for removing stubbon dirt




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