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Chance Beauty Blackhead Remover CBR-X4

Product ID: CBR-X4
Product Name: Blackhead Remover
Product Features:
-LED display
-Three use modes:oil/medium/dry skin
-3 suction heads for replacing



Product Use Steps

+Use a hot towel or solution to apply. Hold the absorbed part for 5-10 minutes. Open pores to soften blackheads

+Choose the suction head you need. Install the suction head on the main engine

+Let the balckhead aspirator in the skin that needs to be cleaned. Move slowly on the skin, do not stay in the same place. Stay too long to avoid red and purple

+After cleaning, wash and apply with cold water. Use a moisturizing product. Keep your face moist

Matters Needing Attention

Please don't use it on the skin with scars or wounds. The beauty instrument has strong suction, please don't stay in the same place all the time to avoid leaving marks. After the treatment, the skin will appear some reddening is a normal phenomenon. It will fade automatically in 5-10 minutes. Please do not wash the body with water

Cleaning And Maintenance

After use, if there is too much oil dirt, it is recommended to clean the suction head before use, if there is not much dirt, take off the suction head and use cotton swab to dip alcohol or cleanser in time. Please replace the sponge in time and clean the filter cover with cotton pad or cotton swab after drying




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