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Chance Beauty EMS RF Skin Lifting Massager CB18408

Product ID: CB18408
Product Name: EMS RF Skin Care Massager
Product Features:
-Adjustable microcurrent
-Adjustable radio frequency
-Light therapy


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EMS + Yellow light Therapy

The Micro current technology uses low level electrical current  that is nearly identical to the body's own natural electrical  frequencies at the cellular level. This adds more electrons to  you system safely, and triggers your skin to stimulate tissue  and cellular repair. Skin becomes suppler, smoother and more  radiant. Yellow LED reacts perfectly with melanin production. It helps  break down pigmentation and balance uneven skin tone. An  excellent treatment that leaves skin brighter and stimulates  lymphatic drainage.

RF + Red light Therapy

The Radio frequency (RF) technology emits radio frequency  energy that heats the tissue deep in the skin layer to stimulate collagen production and elastin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Red LED reaches a deep layer under the skin which is great  for encouraging cellular regeneration (plumping, firming, and  healing) and promotes overall health by increasing the levels  of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Cryotherapy + Blue light Therapy

The Hyper-infusion Cryotherapy instantly cools the skin  down to further reduce the size of pores, locking in moisture  and calming the skin. Blue wavelength causes the development of oxygen radicals  that kill acne bacteria without damaging the skin. LED is  proven to reduce cytokines, a class of inflammatory producing substances.

Mode Selection

This multifunctional beauty device has three modes: the first  mode (EMS + yellow light mode), the second mode (RF + red  light mode), and the third mode (cooling + blue light mode).

+Press and hold the "ON/OFF" button to turn on your Multifunctional Beauty Device and enter the first mode (EMS+  yellow light mode). There will be 2 intensities in this mode,  one indicator light for intensity 1, and all indicator lights  for intensity 2. Short press the "Intensity Adjustment"  button to adjust intensity. 

+Short press the "ON/OFF" button to enter the second mode  (RF+ red light mode). There will be 2 intensities in this mode,  one indicator light for intensity 1, and all indicator lights for  intensity 2. Short press the "Intensity Adjustment" button to  adjust intensity. Note: When using “EMS” and “RF” modes, it is necessary to apply conductive gel or non-oily essence. It is  recommended to select intensity 1 for the first use, and  then increase the level as needed. 

+ Short press the "On/Off" button again to switch to the third  mode (cooling + blue light mode). In this mode, there is one  intensity and the indicator lights are all on. +Press and hold the "On/Off" button to shut down. Note: When using, avoid direct eye contact with the light  source.




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