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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-T29

Product ID: CH-T29
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Features:
-Red/Blue/Green phototherapy function
-5th gear energy
-Digital display, 990000 flashes



Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

+Q :Those people or parts can not use hair remover

A1:Pregnant women, lactating women, menstrual periods, body scars, diabetes, people with severe heart disease, hypertension, vulnerable skin and light sensitive skin are forbidden to use hair removal 

devices before and after operation.

A2:For areas with dark skin color (hair, eyes, periocular, nostrils, ears, perimammary, areola, hairline, tattoos, moles, scars, wound areas), please use with caution or consult customer service in advance

+Q :Do you need to shave before depilation? Do we need collocation? How to scrape it clean?

A1: The hair must be shaved before using the machine

A2: According to personal habits, you can choose professional shaving foam to soften hair

A3: Scrape along the direction of hair growth to avoid pulling stimulation, and avoid scratching if there are acne or convex surfaces. Do not touch the blade directly with your fingers to avoid accidental injury. Please keep it out of reach of children

+Q :What should I pay attention to after using the machine

A: It is recommended to avoid touching water within 6 hours after depilation operation. After that, moisturizing water can be used to moisturize the depilated part 

Please avoid UV exposure within 48 hours after hair removal. If necessary, please apply sunscreen

Do not use perfume, facial mask and cosmetics containing frosted beads after hair removal.

If you feel unwell, please consult online customer service

Sunbathing may cause skin blackening or sunburn. Depilation at this time will cause redness, swelling and inflammation

Artificial skin darkening is not allowed during hair removal operation

If you need plastic surgery after depilation (depilation area), please consult your doctor

+Q: What's the difference compare to beauty salon

A: Hair removal requires a certain course of treatment. The laser energy is large and does great harm to the skin. If you go to the beauty salon for laser hair removal, you will do it every few months. You can complete the hair removal course for about half a year in a row. The frequency is low and the cycle is long. Household hair removal instrument has little impact on the skin, and the operation is relatively convenient. Generally, it is 2-3 times a week, and obvious curative effect can be seen in about 2-3 months, with high frequency and short cycle

Q: Are there any side effects

A: The machine uses physical therapy, does not use drugs, 

does not stimulate the skin, and is safe without side effects




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