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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-T28S

Product ID: CH-T28S
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Features:
-360° freezing point
-5th geer energy
-Automatic continuous light output
-LED digital display, 990000 flashes



Upgrade 990,000 Flash And Use Only One Depilator For A Lifetime

990,000 flash hair LCD, use it once and count it less times, times are real visible. Careful purchase of false spells, which appear to have a lot of times, but actually have weak flash energy (<2j/CM²) and poor depilation effect

IPL Hair Removal Technique

Long term and gentle hair inhibition, providing you with a comfortable and efficient hair removal new experience

+Hypnotic hair follicle

IPL pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle, where light and heat are present. Gradually atrophic hair follicles

+Loss of hair

Hair follicles atrophy and hair falls off naturally. Slow growth

+Inhibiting regeneration

Lasting exposure, long inhibition of hair growth, never rebound

Sliding / Manual flash dual mode

Fit the skin automatically, high-speed, repeated flash, free choice of diferent areas, sliding flash under long press, can achieve automatic continuous light, 5 stalls interval only about 3 seconds, hair removal efficiency increased by 30%

+Slide flash

Suitable for Thighs, arms and other large areas of hair removal

+Manual flash

Suitable for armpit, bikini and other small areas hair removal




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