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Chance Beauty Face Steamer CS-Z5

Product ID: CS-Z5
Product Name: Skin Hydrating Face Steamer
Product Features:
-Temperature: 40℃~50℃
-About 6ml/min





Usage Method

+Take out the beauty instrument water tank and fill it with water

+Fill up the water, tighten the cover and put it back into the water tank

+Put the rose in the another box

+Plug in the power supply and press the switch to enjoy

Note: only pure water and distilled water can be added to the water tank. Do not add anything else

Recommendations For Use

+Completely remove makeup, clean face and steam face

+Steam face for no more than 8 minutes each time

+The frequency of steaming should not be too frequent, no more than 3 times a week

+Add distilled water or purified water to reduce dirt

+If the essential oil is used, drop 1-3 drops of the essential oil into the another box, use with caution in case of allergy

+The distance of steaming face is generally 20cm from the beauty equipment, and it can be pulled close when the face adapts to the temperature

+Pay attention to the temperature and quantity of steam when steaming to avoid scalding eyes or respiratory tract

+After steaming, wash face with cold water, and then apply skin care products to face to astringent water for better effect

Particular Attention

Do not add essential oil, fruits, vegetables, petals, milk and other items directly into the water tank, otherwise the beauty machine will be seriously damaged, please place them in the correct way according to the instructions




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