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Chance Beauty Face Steamer CS-Z34

Product ID: CS-Z34
Product Name: Skin Hydrating Face Steamer
Product Features:
-Thermal jet steamer
-One click start
-100ml water tank
-Dry burning and power-off protection



Water Molecules Penetrate The Bottom Of The Muscle Gives You Multiple Care and Moisturizing

Using high-tech chip technology, the water is transformed into delicate ultrafine ions, which quickly penetrate the stratum corneum from the stratum corneum

Use Steps


Clean face before using face steamer

+Steamed face

Keep a distance of 20cm between the face and the spout, and replenish water for about 6-10 minutes


This is that the pores have been opened. With the facial cleaner the dirt on the face can be completely removed


Apply a cold towel on your face to shrink your pores


After using the face  steamer for deep water replenishment, daily skin care products can be used for a care

Recommendations For Use

+After thoroughly removing makeup and cleansing the face, steam the face

+It is better to steam the face for no more than 8 minutes each time

+The frequency of steaming should not be too frequent, not more than 3 times a week

+Add distilled water or purified water to reduce dirt

+When steaming the face, the distance is generally about 20cm from the beauty instrument. When the face adapts to the temperature, the distance can be shortened

+Pay attention to the temperature and quantity of steam when steaming to avoid scalding eyes skin or respiratory tract

+Wash your face in cold water after steaming, and wipe the astringent water and other skin care products for your face




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