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How to choose the suitable way for daily skin care, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

Generally speaking, medical aesthetics projects have high single-effect efficiency and high-power medical aesthetics equipment, which can solve more serious skin problems, and the range and types of medical aesthetics projects are far more than home-use beauty instruments. For those with serious facial aging problems For beauty seekers, on the basis of improving medical beauty, they can use home beauty equipment as an assistant, and the effect will be better. What is the difference in efficacy between home beauty equipment and medical aesthetics, and how to choose? If you are still a novice in medical beauty and want to read some dry goods knowledge sharing, and how to better improve facial aging problems, please bookmark and read the following content!


1. Beauty instruments set off another upsurge in home care scenes


With the improvement of material living standards, people's demand for health and beauty has also increased year-on-year. As a convenient and effective way to improve beauty, home beauty instruments are loved by the majority of beauty lovers.


(1) Application of beauty instrument in home beauty care


In the past two years, the discussion on beauty care and other related topics has been on the rise, and consumer groups' recognition of home beauty devices has also been rising.


Regarding the effect of using home beauty equipment, many people fall into the misunderstanding of black and white. Some people think that home beauty equipment is very useful and can even replace medical beauty technology, while others think it is just an IQ tax. From the perspective of technical principles, household beauty instruments are reliable, and various instrument technologies are part of photoelectric beauty technology. The home beauty instrument is easy to use, you can operate it at home, and use it alone without sharing it with others. It is more assured in terms of hygiene, and you can freely arrange the time and place of each use. In addition, household beauty devices can be used not only for daily skin care, but also for daily soothing and relaxation. They can also be used as functional supplements after medical treatment to help maintain the effect of medical treatment, so they are favored by more and more consumers.


(2) Application principle and scope of application of beauty instrument


The skin is divided into the epidermis, dermis, fascia and muscle layer from the surface to the inside. The same is true for the aging process. Once the deep tissue begins to age, it will be more difficult to repair and maintain. Under certain circumstances, you can do a good job of supporting maintenance with home beauty equipment and medical beauty items at an early age to help the skin delay aging.


Household beauty instruments generally use radio frequency, light waves, microcurrent and other technical principles to exert cosmetic effects. They can be roughly divided into three categories, namely import and export, LED, and radio frequency. Different equipment technologies are aimed at different skin problems. In fact, the same is true of medical beauty, which needs to be applied to the corresponding skin layer through various techniques to achieve the effect of layered anti-aging.


①Import and export classes


The working principle of the ion import and export beauty instrument is to transmit charged bioactive ingredients into the skin through a weak current. The other is ultrasonic import and export instruments. Due to the strong penetrating power of ultrasonic waves, it can penetrate 4 to 6 mm below the skin. Through high-frequency vibration, the nutrients of skin care products are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin, making it easier for the skin to absorb them and export them out. The principle is the same, but it uses ultrasonic waves of different frequencies.




LED beauty instruments mainly use the principle of photodynamics to prompt the skin to undergo a chemical reaction when it encounters light, convert light energy into intracellular energy, accelerate cell growth, and stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen. For example, LED red light beauty instrument, red light has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source, and uniform energy density. Elasticity and gloss.


③Radio frequency


The principle of radio frequency beauty instrument can be understood as using high-frequency current to directly reach the dermis of the skin for heating, so as to promote the reordering, remodeling and regeneration of collagen cells, so as to make the skin plump and firm. Among them, unipolar radiofrequency is the mainstream in the medical beauty market. The more popular Thermage and Thermolift are unipolar radiofrequency, which is characterized by high energy and high risk factor; while bipolar radiofrequency contains positive and negative poles. , acting on the same surface, the depth of energy action is shallow, strong controllability, and safer, and it is mostly used in household beauty instruments.


2. How to choose a beauty instrument for different skin ages


Dr. Brandt, the father of collagen in the world, said: "All aging causes come from the loss of collagen". After the age of 20, the skin thickness will decrease by 7% every ten years, and the loss of collagen in women can reach 30% within 5 years after menopause, and continue to lose 1.13% every year thereafter. The full growth period of human skin tissue generally ends around the age of 25. Since then, growth and aging have proceeded simultaneously, and the elastic fibers of the skin have gradually become thicker or even broken. Therefore, it is recommended that women pay attention to skin care after the age of 25.


(1) For young muscles before the age of 25:


Girls before the age of 25 have better skin collagen support, but nowadays young people wear makeup and stay up late. They often face electromagnetic radiation, and the skin will enter the early aging state faster. The earlier the skin care starts, the more "fresh" it can be. . The thickness of the epidermis of the human body is about 0.2mm. At the beginning of aging, the main manifestations are dry lines, fine lines, oily acne, dull yellowing, etc. There are not a few beauty devices with functions such as cleaning and removing acne, and nutrition introduction, but do not overuse it .


Cleansing and anti-acne beauty instrument: It is basically suitable for all people except children. Those with sensitive skin can use the soft brush facial cleansing instrument in the magnetic levitation mode, which has relatively small friction on the skin. Although the cleaning effect of cleaning beauty instruments is good, it is not recommended to use it every day, as it will damage the skin's stratum corneum barrier. Deep cleaning once or twice a week is enough.


Nutrition importing beauty instrument: Generally, it needs to use the same-sex repulsion principle of electrodes to act on the skin to help dredge the pores, help the active ionic ingredients in skin care products penetrate into the skin cell layer, and make the skin rejuvenated from the inside out and become more healthy. Smooth and delicate. EMS microcurrent, import and export beauty instruments all adopt this principle, and the effect of importing through the instrument is much better than directly applying skin care products on the face by hand. EMS stimulates the facial muscles through micro-current to achieve the effect of muscle contraction and real-time lifting. Activates stiff muscles and restores them to a relaxed, active, healthy state. To give a simple example, our masseter muscle is like we relax our calf muscles after exercise. Some girls feel that their masseter muscles are relatively large. Use the EMS function devices of our CB-BV18408 to relax the muscles first, and then use a counter The gravity-lifting technique lifts the facial skin behind the ears to achieve a firming effect. Combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory, the lymph glands of the face and neck can be massaged through correct massage techniques to play a role in detoxification. This is a long process that requires persistence, but compared to medical beauty, daily skin care combined with home beauty equipment is safer and more suitable for girls with sensitive constitutions. The effect of medical beauty is indeed immediate, but precisely because of its powerful effect, it actually has a burden on the skin itself. Because over time, the injected substances will be gradually absorbed by the human body. Girls who have received medical aesthetic treatment need to do regular repair projects to maintain this expensive beauty.


(2) For mature muscles after the age of 25:


After the age of 25, skin care should focus more on anti-aging on the face. If you want to firm up and make your face fuller, you can choose home radio frequency equipment. stand out. The thickness of the human dermis is about 2mm, and its aging performance is collagen loss, wrinkles and depressions, etc.; while the position of the fascia muscle layer is about 4.5mm deep in the skin, and its aging performance is sagging of the face and loose contours.


Skin tightening beauty instrument: Radio frequency is the abbreviation of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves. By selectively applying heat energy to the dermis, it accelerates the metabolism of old collagen and stimulates the regeneration of new collagen. If the collagen fibers are regarded as a net supporting the skin, then radio frequency can remove the damaged part of the net and form a new net, prop up the loose and collapsed skin again, and resist the damage caused by the loss of collagen. Skin aging.


On the whole, although the price of home beauty equipment is lower than that of medical aesthetics items, and it is convenient and easy to operate, there is still a big difference between them and medical aesthetics items. The main difference is in the curative effect. After the completion of the medical aesthetics project, the effect will be achieved quickly, while the home beauty instrument will take at least two to three months to be effective, and it needs long-term persistence. Medical cosmetology instruments have more energy, more types and methods, and usually require special personnel to operate, but for safety and operability considerations, home cosmetology instruments have lower energy density and penetration density than medical cosmetology equipment. Said to be relatively mild and safe.


3. Joint application has become a hot trend in the industry


In recent years, technologies such as optoelectronics and injections have developed rapidly in the fields of skin beauty and facial rejuvenation. "Facial full-layer anti-aging + joint application" can solve the problem of comprehensive facial aging, and has become a very popular method for facial rejuvenation and skin beautification improvement, but joint improvement is not simply a combination of several items, the focus It is to recognize your own aging problems and degree, find the facial anti-aging program that suits you, and let experienced doctors give professional advice after detailed evaluation, and customize it according to your needs.



(1) For superficial aging of the face


In the process of skin aging, the keratinocytes in the epidermis will gradually lose balance, the reticular fibers in the dermis will decrease, the collagen cross-linking will increase, and the elasticity of the collagen fiber network will decrease. It is precisely because of these age-related histological changes that people A series of changes in the appearance of the skin, including wrinkles and dimpling, are common. In the field of household beauty instruments, you can choose red and blue light beauty instruments for anti-inflammatory repair to help skin whiten and rejuvenate the skin, or you can choose radio frequency beauty instruments that promote metabolism to accelerate skin cell activity and promote metabolism. There are two kinds of home beauty instruments Joint efforts are made to improve superficial wrinkles and depressions on the face, but if you want to obtain more obvious improvement effects, you can achieve it after consulting a professional doctor and combining medical cosmetology, such as collagen injection and photorejuvenation.


Professional medical cosmetology items:


Photoelectric project: Photon skin rejuvenation generally directly outputs intense pulsed light through the principle of selective photothermal. The longer wavelength light emitted by it can directly penetrate into the skin and enter the deep tissue, and continuously regenerate in the skin tissue. Photothermal and photochemical effects are generated to promote the rearrangement and regeneration of local skin collagen fibers or elastic fibers, restore skin elasticity in a short period of time, and make the skin rejuvenated. Photorejuvenation can balance the sebum differentiation of the facial skin, whiten and rejuvenate the skin, achieve the effect of shrinking pores, tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles, and at the same time improve facial pigmentation, and repair acne pigments or scars.


Injection items: Collagen, as a very superior natural cosmetic injection material, has attracted a large number of people who pursue natural effects and want to solve the problem of superficial skin aging by virtue of its effect of removing black and whitening, improving skin texture and material characteristics that are not easy to absorb water and swell. Beauty seekers. Collagen is also known as the "natural reservoir" of the skin. Its spiral network structure can combine with water molecules. Because active collagen has strong permeability, it acts on epithelial cells through the stratum corneum to realize the metabolism of skin tissue. Achieve the effect of moisturizing and repairing tissue for the injection site.


(2) For the middle and deep aging of the face


As we grow older, the loss of skin collagen accelerates, the elastic fibers decrease, the dermis and fascia are damaged, and facial wrinkles and sagging become more and more serious. The fine lines and spots that are usually visible to the naked eye are caused by the damage of collagen and elastin, but these are only superficial aging phenomena of the skin. The real face down in the middle and deep layers is the aging that goes deep into the fascia layer. Wrinkles, sagging, and sagging appear in the entire facial soft tissue, so collagen supplementation is the top priority for mid-to-deep facial anti-aging. Scientific research shows that the amount of new collagen directly depends on the heating intensity, and if the heating temperature of the dermis is not up to the standard, it will not be able to cause thermal damage to the dermis and stimulate the skin to regenerate collagen. Skin-inducing effect, but it will return to its original shape once it is stopped. The biggest effect of radio frequency is to tighten the skin, stimulate collagen regeneration and anti-aging.


It can be seen that whether it is medical device-assisted or micro-plastic injection, the effect of medical beauty is fast, but not every girl's skin can tolerate it, and it is not a once-and-for-all method, and it needs to be done regularly. Repair maintenance, and cost a lot of money, time and risk. Compared with medical beauty, the family-style skin beauty care method assisted by household beauty instruments is more economical, convenient and safe. We only need to reserve about 10 minutes more time in the daily skin care process to complete the whole set of care procedures without financial and time burdens. Girls can choose the most suitable anti-aging maintenance method according to their actual situation.



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