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The Difference Between Thermage, Radiofrequency, and Photorejuvenation

Radiofrequency beauty devices and photorejuvenation devices are both non-invasive and non-invasive treatments that do not require surgery or injections, reducing recovery time. At the same time, they have similar physical sensations and similar functions. They can stimulate the deep tissue of the skin through the thermal effect, promote the synthesis of collagen, achieve wrinkle removal and firmness, beige whitening and rejuvenation, and shrink pores.

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Their differences: 

1. Different goals; RF beauty instrument: with anti-aging as the main goal, it only acts on the intercellular matrix of the dermis, and promotes the reorganization and regeneration of collagen by heating the deep tissue of the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles on the skin and fine lines. Photon rejuvenation instrument: The main goal is to decompose and metabolize pigments and improve spots and acne marks. It acts on all tissues, cells, and pigments of the entire skin. According to the selective photothermal effect and different spectral energy distributions, the light energy penetrates the skin surface and reaches the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibers, and promoting skin repair. 

2. The mechanism is different; radio frequency beauty instrument: pure ohmic thermal effect, heating the dermis, the temperature of the human dermis is relatively constant, once the temperature rises, it will cause the collagen fibers to tighten and shrink, the mechanism is clear, and it is not easy to cause burns except for improper operation. Non-invasive and low risk. The photon skin rejuvenation instrument uses intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to emit high-energy light pulses to act on the pigments and blood vessels in the skin tissue to produce photochemical reactions, thereby improving skin pigmentation, vascular dilation and uneven texture. 

3. The efficacy is different; radio frequency beauty instrument: it mainly stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, improves skin wrinkles and texture, the depth and effect are stronger than photons, and it is invalid for freckle removal and microtelangiectasia. Photorejuvenation instrument: remove freckles, remove microcapillary dilation, stimulate collagen fiber regeneration, and improve skin wrinkles and texture.


Thermage was invented by Dr. Edward W. Knowlton from the United States in 1995 and has now developed into its fourth generation. It is a globally recognized medical beauty device that can achieve significant lifting, firming, and wrinkle removal effects in one treatment. Many celebrities are loyal fans of Thermage. Nowadays, Thermage has set off a fashion trend again, largely driven by a new generation of young female stars. Thermage is no mystery either. Essentially, it uses a special electromagnetic wave to stimulate the skin and have a skin beautifying effect. But Thermage is not a panacea. It cannot solve problems such as acne, acne marks, acne pits, and spots.


There are only two real core functions: firming and wrinkle removal.


As we age, the collagen in the skin will be lost, and the skin will become sagging, elastic, and wrinkled, just like a deflated balloon. Thermage is like a roast. After the skin is heated, it will tighten and shrink immediately. When the skin is tightened, the person looks younger and the face looks smaller. At the same time, after being stimulated by heat, the skin will grow new collagen to fill in wrinkles. To put it bluntly, thermal stimulation can heat the collagen in the skin and tighten it.

Thermage uses high frequency and high energy to instantly tighten the collagen and elastic fibers at a high temperature of 60-70 degrees Celsius, making the skin firm and plump. Thermage has a variety of different treatment heads that can be used on the face, eyes, and body. Each treatment head has different energy. In addition to the above-mentioned scope of application, Thermage can also improve problems such as sagging and sagging facial skin tissue, wrinkles, and aging rough skin. It can also firm sagging skin, eliminate real and fake wrinkles, correct stretch marks, and even provide full-body anti-aging treatments such as a nape lift and leg contouring. In addition, Thermage can also effectively remove various facial wrinkles, such as brow lines, etc.


Thermage has different meanings for different ages.

For sisters who are over 20 years old, Thermage is a magical tool to fight against aging. It uses non-invasive monopolar radio frequency to allow the probe to act on the skin to conduct energy, activate skin collagen and elastic fibers, and reconstruct collagen scaffolds. Collagen in their 20s will grow better after being stimulated. It is already a time when skin renewal and metabolism are better, and the addition of Thermage can have an even more powerful effect. In another 5 to 8 years, the gap between you and your peers will widen, and it will be too late for others to catch up.


For my sister who is over 30 years old, Thermage can not only resist aging but also thicken the dermis. After the age of 30, the growth rate of collagen will slow down greatly, especially if you stay up late and barbecue, aging will begin earlier. Doing Thermage at this time can stimulate the collagen in the dermis, greatly promote collagen regeneration, make the dermis thicker, and make the face fuller. When the skin is obviously dry and loose, Thermage will allow you to regenerate collagen in time, prevent it early, and don’t wait until it has drooped in a few years before lifting it. At that time, it can be lifted immediately, but the effect is definitely limited. .


For sisters who are over 40 years old, Thermage can not only anti-aging and thicken the dermal layer, but also achieve the effect of reducing sagging. As a 40+ year old sister, her skin is prone to sagging and collapsing, and her collagen is severely lost. It is really difficult to rely on yourself to produce collagen. At this time, use Thermage to promote collagen regeneration through the action of external force. The effect will be obvious.


Although the effect of Thermage is obvious, it also has its disadvantages, such as:

1. The pain is obvious. Regardless of the fourth generation or the fifth generation, it is normal for the Thermage to hurt even if anesthesia is applied, because the anesthetic can only act on the epidermis. Generally speaking, the higher the level of Thermage treatment, the deeper the level, the better the effect, but the higher the energy, the more intense the pain, so you can't just endure the pain, and facial tissue damage may eventually occur.

2. See the doctor's level and experience. Even if it is just a small non-invasive skin surgery, it needs to be operated by professionals. The aging degree of each part of the face is different, and the Thermage energy required is different. And because everyone’s pain tolerance is different, they require different treatments. It has to be able to withstand it, but also to achieve the best results. This is all technical work, and not every doctor can do it well. This is why they are all Thermage, but the effects are different. In addition to individual differences, it is related to the doctor's skills.

3. Thermage has heat damage. The principle of Thermage itself is to stimulate collagen regeneration by heat. If the collagen elasticity is insufficient, there is no way to achieve the desired effect.


The main differences between radiofrequency beauty instruments and Thermage are different radiofrequency principles, different skin conditions, and different costs.

The difference between Thermage and radio frequency beauty instruments is that the radio frequency is different. Thermage usually uses bipolar radiographs, and the radio frequency beauty instrument uses one-way radio frequency. When wrinkles appear on the face, you can go to the hospital to choose Thermage or radio frequency beauty instrument for treatment, both after surgery Eliminate facial wrinkles.

Thermage makes a breakthrough through high-energy and high-frequency E-wave conduction. At each point, it can emit matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to six million times per second, reaching the root of wrinkles and tissue relaxation. According to the planned frame on the skin, it stimulates and increases the skin's own collagen in a fixed frame, shrinks the collagen with heat energy, and efficiently activates skin collagen and fibers in a precisely positioned manner, awakens the regeneration of collagen, and rebuilds the collagen scaffold. This achieves the unique effects of deep skin tightening, lifting and anti-wrinkle.

Radio frequency cosmetology positioning tissue heating, prompting the subcutaneous collagen to shrink and tighten, and at the same time cooling measures are taken on the skin surface, the dermis is heated and the epidermis maintains a normal temperature. The dermis of the skin becomes thicker, and the wrinkles become lighter or disappear; the subcutaneous collagen is remodeled to produce new collagen, and it becomes firmer after one treatment.

The effect of Thermage radio frequency is amazing, and many home beauty brands are rushing to launch home radio frequency beauty devices. So what are the differences in the use of home radio frequency beauty devices and Thermage? Is it possible to replace Thermage?

1. Different frequencies: The frequency of radio frequency beauty instruments is mostly between 1MHz-3MHz, and there are also some mature technology, the frequency reaches 6-7mhz, while the frequency of Thermage is 6-7MHz.

2. The frequency of use varies: Thermage is effective once, and can be used once every six months to a year to maintain the effect. Home radiofrequency beauty equipment needs to be used two or three times a week, and it needs to be used frequently and regularly to maintain the effect. However, the pain from Thermage is relatively strong, while the pain from home beauty devices is relatively weak.

3 Accuracy: Thermage still has certain uncertainties when choosing theaters and doctors. The effects of experienced doctors and inexperienced doctors are really different. If it is an inexperienced doctor, if the energy is strengthened at a local location, or the probe is not well fitted to the skin, if the doctor cannot adjust it in time, it will cause burns and blisters.

The home radio frequency beauty instrument is now more and more intelligent, relatively speaking, it is relatively safe, and some brands have set multiple temperature controls in the instrument function to ensure the safety of the instrument.

4. The price is different: the cost of a regular Thermage is twice or more than the price of a home radio frequency instrument. Maybe you can get a radio frequency beauty instrument for the price of a Thermage, which is convenient and quick to use. Unlike theaters, you have to Prior reservation.


Having said all that, do you have to choose between Thermage and home radio frequency beauty devices? Children only have multiple choice questions, adults should have them all! ! !


In fact, household beauty instruments and skin care belong to the category of daily care, while medical beauty belongs to the "potency agent", which can be added to help when daily maintenance cannot effectively fight against natural aging. The three are complementary to each other. I think no one can be replaced. They should give full play to their strengths and complement each other.

Do celebrities lack money for medical beauty? They still need skin care. In many cases, it is necessary to rely on daily maintenance to reduce the side effects of medical aesthetics and repair damage to the epidermis.

If young people buy the first beauty device, I suggest starting with radio frequency. Some radio frequency beauty devices also have functions such as microcurrent, light, and ultrasound. A good radio frequency beauty instrument = facial radio frequency + eye radio frequency + light function + micro current + ultrasonic wave introduction, consumers can choose the functions and prices they need when purchasing.



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