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Chance Beauty Oxygen Injection Instrument CS-B7

Product ID: CS-B7
Product Name: Skin Hydrating Oxygen Injection Instrument
Product Features:
-Rechargeable and portable
-Nanoscale water molecules
-80ml water tank



High Pressure Oxygen Injector Build Aerobic Healthy Muscle

Collocation with toner, essence and thick liquid, do not need to dilute it with pure water. One bottle is worth three bottle, only a small amount of instantaneous penetration is needed for skin care

New Experience Of Water Replenishment In

+Nano injection of micro needle

0.3mm microneedle atomization

refinement of molecular particles

the size feels light and soft

+True penetration bid farewell to "skin hydration"

0.28um particle size penetration 

activate the vitality of skin cells

a virtuous circle reshapes the skin

0.3mm Ultra Micro Nano Spray

Through 0.3mm micro needle break up into 5-200 micron molecules, and instant molecules spread out. 0.3mm ultra micro atomization spray use high pressure oxygem injection to release nutrient molecules to the basement

360kpa High Pressure dredging

Just like cleaning spray gun, 360kpa constant pressure wash face. Accumulate grease and clean pores. Improve nutrient absorption rate

2 Minutes Exclusive Skin Care Time

2 minutes of high pressure oxygen injection, meet the needs of skin moisturizing and refuse excessive moisturizing

Small And Exquisite

It is small and exquisite, and can be carried anywhere and anytime when you go out




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