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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-TS5

Product ID: CH-TS5
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Features:
-5th gear energy
-LED digital display
-990000 flashes
-Automatic continuous light output





Using Steps

+Step 1 

Use a razor to shave off the hair on the part to be depilated


Insert the adapter into the power socket, align the DC plug with the jack and insert it in place

+Step 3

Press the start button 2S on the display screen, and the remaining flash times will be displayed after the screen is lit

+Step 4

Adjust the gear according to your skin color. Touch the start button to adjust the initial gear. There is 1 gear

+Step 5

Wear goggles, make the light outlet of the depilat

or perpendicular to the skin, fit it, and perform depilation


Q: What is the life cycle?

A: According to the depilation cycle, twice a week for the first 4 weeks, once a week for 5-8 weeks

Q: How does the effect compare with the beauty instrument?

A: This product adopts IPL photon hair removal technology, and the effect is the same as that of beauty instrument

Q: Does it hurt? Is it safe?

A: It doesn't hurt, but it's normal to feel hot during depilation. When the light wave irradiates the tissue, the pigment on the hair stem will selectively absorb most of the light wave, which has little impact on the skin and high safely




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