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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-TS2

Product ID: CH-TS2
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Features:
-5th gear energy
-LED digital display
-990000 flashes
-Automatic continuous light output






Operation Steps

+First, clean the hair, then clean the light outlet and glass piece with cotton swab or dust-free cloth dipped in medical alcohol (if not dirty, it can not be cleaned) Pay attention to keep the light outlet dry for use otherwise it will not light out

+Plug in the power plug, the off light will flash, then press and hold the "power on key" for 2 seconds, and the device will start and enter the working state. At this time, it is the first gear by default

+The power switch is also a gear key. Short press the "gear key" to select the appropriate gear. 1-5 lights on the display indicate 5 gears. The first gear is the smallest and the fifth gear is the most. The gears can be adjusted circularly

+After the gear is adjusted, fully stick the light outlet of the device to the skin part to be depilated. At this time, after the indicator light on the display, click the light outlet key on the top, and the light outlet will complete a light outlet (if the skin is not close to the indicator light fog on the display, any change)

+Long press the light out button for 2 seconds, and switch to the automatic light out mode. At this time, the light out port can automatically flash continuously when it is attached to the skin, and flash once whrn it is attached to the skin part that needs to be depilated. Move the device slowly, and repeat the light up for 2-3 times for a course of treatment

+After using the equipment, change a "power on key" will shut down for 1-2 seconds and cut off the power suppy immediately




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