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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-T6S

Product ID: CH-T6S
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Feature:
-Unlimited flashes (T6)
-5th gear energy
-LED digital display(T6S)
-990000 flashes (T6s)


Do You Have This Kind Of Trouble?

Be embarrassed when raising your arm / Be afraid of wearing skirts / Inconfident Wh

when wearing bikini / Hide yourself while taking pictures


Get Out The Hair Removal Troubles

IPL photon skin rejuvenation hair beauty equipment does not harm the skin, safe and reliable, painless and permanent, no need to worry about hair removal anymore


IPL Hair Removal Technique

Long term and gentle hair inhibition, providing you with a comfortable and efficient hair removal new experience

+Hypnotic hair follicle

IPL pulsed light penetrates deep into the hair follicle, where light and heat are present. Gradually atrophic hair follicles

+Loss of hair

Hair follicles atrophy and hair falls off naturally. Slow growth

+Inhibiting regeneration

Lasting exposure, long inhibition of hair growth, never rebound

Continuous / Manual flash dual mode

+Continuous flash

Suitable for Thighs, arms and other large areas of hair removal

+Manual flash

Suitable for armpit, bikini and other small areas hair removal

5 Levels of light intensity customized control

For the first use, it is recommended to gradually strengthen the gear from the first gear. The higher the gear, the better the effect




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