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Chance Beauty IPL Hair Removal CH-T14

Product ID: CH-T14
Product Name: IPL Hair Removal
Product Features:
-Globoidal touch gear switch
-With freezing point
-5th energy geer
-LED display, 990000 flashes





How To Use

+Before use, please wipe the hair off the parts that need to be depilated

+Insert the product into the power switch and turn on the switch, the flash of intensity 1 will flash

+After 1 second, the preparation warning light is on

+Place the skin contact surface on your skin. When the skin contacts is completed, the skin detection indicator (power indicator) starts to blink slowly

+Press the flashing button and the device will emit a flash

+After the flash is emitted, the device directly charges the next flash

Where Can We Use It

Depilator kind of small electrical apparatus used to remove body hair currently the hair removal beauty device in the market is mainly female depilator


Full Contact Polishing And Unhairing is Safer

Full contact lighting design can prevent children and other people from using. The light outlet is completely close to the skin (the green light will flash when it is close to the skin)


Promote Painless Shedding Of Hair Follicles

Light waves penetrate into hair follicles, heat is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle, and pigment masses are disintegrated or smashed to make hair fall off naturally and not grow in a short period of time. Gentle and safe, suitable for even sensitive parts


+Step 1

Light goes deep into hair follicle and heat is absorbed by melanin of hair follicle

+Step 2

The energy produced by the light will destroy the hair root, and the sweat gland will not be destroyed

+Step 3

Regular use can inhibit hair growth




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