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2023 Beauty Expo - Chance Beauty

2023/3/10-12, 2023 Beauty Expo, totally 3 days, one of the most professional suppliers of beauty tools. 6 years ago, we decided to engage in the industry of beauty tools, because we saw that beauty instruments have unlimited potential and prospects. In fact, more and more people start paying attention to the beauty instrument, we are very fortunate that we have 6 years of research and development experience than others.

2023 beauty expo1.jpg

The flow of people during the Beauty Expo

We offer OEM&ODM services, we have our own R&D team. Many customers love our products and they are willing to confirm the orders with us on the exhibition. We feel very happy more and more people pay attention to beauty instruments.

2023 beauty expo3.jpgpicture taken in front our booth 

We meet an adorable customer from Canada, we also took him to the exhibition hall together. Compared with other suppliers, we have confidence in our products and are not afraid of comparison. On the same day, the customer confirmed the order of 30,000 US dollars with us!

2023 beauty expo4.jpg



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